Přícházíme ze tmy – English lyrics


between me and the city

I‘m leaving beam of the lights

heading to the darkness

engine is getting silent

we are coming from the dark

her steps are like a concert

rising and disappearing with the moon

I‘m biting her by insight

she‘s facing round and says:

we are coming from the dark

heading to the silent

and everything between this

is just ours

we are coming from the dark



forget what you‘ve knew

collect what you‘ve surrendered

learn everything

what they‘ve deny to know

on the path amid the trees

out of the creation, out of houses

soul will leave the dark night in the forests

that what I‘ll find out there

I‘ll never lost

I‘ll never come back to the borders

which I‘ll cross

I see and hear everything from the tallness

twilight is calmly falling

in roots like in my veins

our blood is flowing

i have no name

I‘ll never say it again

I‘ll find everything again here amid the trees

run away out of the law

which steals the freedom

I‘ll find again my city

where they‘ll never catch me up



horns sounds up and hunt begins

gunpowder will throw up through the air

my desire needs to wash my hand in your blood

murderer of innocent victims

I need your head on my wall

and drink rum to celebrate death

green like the forest, although not a friend

of forest spirits

I heal my soul by one-shot

salvation by stream of blood

to show a domination

I‘m hero, I‘ll not die alone

run, till you waste your power

I‘ll not miss the target when I‘ll shoot

one another splat on your back

you‘ll be my trophy, forever glorious

I see you as your mirror blinks

I‘ll run you to the earth till the edge of your being

we‘ll end up together at the forest border

your sight is moving down the rifle-barrel



doe and me on wet moss

cradle of trees which she knows a lot

why are you hiding?

Why are you entertain false hopes?

I‘m changing to yourself, hearing your smile

getting to misunderstood why I needed so much

your skin in my flat which stinks like a rum

sitting in the corner like pathetic jerk

whats next? I‘m king of idiots

I want to leave a doe and go home

at the edge of forest, caught by darkness

I cannot find a path back without the light

I‘ll not come back there, where I didn‘t found anything

no turning back, missed the chance to leave



We are alone in here, mute creature


forest is calming down when you‘re seducing me

now I can forget what I was supposed to be

let me drive your back from outta here

to somewhere, far away from here

me and you are one entity

forever together in a grave

we‘ll be shackled in here

surrounded by jealousness

bullet for the forest beauty

our forbidden love

four shots like from the cannon

are plunging my body

god, give a peace to my soul

soil is banging

why I was thinking

about leaving my city

buried in shallow forest grave

I‘ll rather believe in myself next time

I‘m memory of my city

one among many, one among a hundred

they‘re sucking my bones marrow

they‘ll never leave my skin

out of everyday rush

I don‘t care anymore

I grew up from the black soil

I still have some leftovers under my fingernails

my hands hurts, I‘m dropping down the cobble

to let it flow as it is



I‘m rambling through the streets alone

never seen, never known

clouds are rolling, I feel cold

whose fault is this?

I need to get closer and go further

to solve this thing

I have a big surprise

there‘s no light at the end

I see just the past

I was trying to run away from here

now I‘m back and I have nothing

shackled in prison of eternal vigilance

sentenced to live in a city, where nobody lives

there‘s no sense of my dreaming

I‘m rambling, searching for oblivion

kissed by bullet

I bring to an end my life chapter

I see just the past

I have no peace also in that grave

because I‘m a traitor of myself

shackled in prison of eternal vigilance

sentenced to live in a city, where nobody lives

there‘s no sense of my dreaming

I‘m rambling, searching…