„Vzpomínka“ v anglickém podcastu Ninehertz

-14. 3. 2022-

Minulý týden vyšel náš song „Vzpomínka“ z nového alba v podcastu anglických ninehertz😍 Pochválili nám zvuk a vybrali nás jako úvodní kapelu, za což jsme moc rádi! Dejte si to..

Episode 162 is upon us and we’re excited to share nine new tracks as ever! This week features strange sounds from beyond doom and sludge, as well as some psychedelic vibes.

Mike and Pete spin:

Láje – Vzpomínka, Tuskar – Matriarch (Church Road Records), TRAPS – Four Ashfields For Four Twenty​-​Five (Halfmeltedbrain Records), Cabinet – Lilliputian Flicker of Fasciollasis, Jolted – Shame, Row of Ashes – Worcester Man, Charley No Face – Mosaic Sky (Forbidden Place Records), Candina – This Body In Flames (Grime Stone Records), Wuurthrad – Masks Of The Power